What’s that energetic transition ahead of us?

I have been searching the web lately, hoping to find insights on the energetic transition that lies ahead of us. And I have found many answers, some well documented and well structured, mainly from national and international organizations and businesses in the sector, some others being more inspirational or emotional, many of them finally being so superficial or partial they couldn’t help answering this question: what kind of world will arise from today’s situation… which is the world I will be living in?

But all these points of view had one thing in common: they were incomplete. Each chose a specific axis in trying to figure out what exactly is facing us. And no one on the internet was really able to tell me how, to their mind, the world was going to be in the next decennies.

I am not holding it for an easy exercise, it is indeed extremely ambitious to deal with dozens of economical, technical, social, political, environmental… factors. I am not either saying I will be able to brush the right portrait of tomorrow’s world as this blog is a personal one and I’m not having in my hands all the means and skills international actors may have.
But as I’m trying myself to build my own idea of what will be my world in the coming years, I am willing to share the process through which I will go, the questions I will be wondering about, and the answers I will find for them.

To be completely clear about what I want to focus on, here is a commented recap of my subject:
Issue: how can we qualify and anticipate the energetic transition ahead of us?
Objective: building step by step a structured and justified vision of what the future could be.

  • the world: it is obviously a global issue,
  • Europe: because I feel the EU is somehow an incubator for the energetic transition,
  • and France: first because it is my home country, second because our energetic mix is rather odd on the planet and it might alter significantly the course of the transition locally. For the same last reason, I might in the process add focuses on specific countries due to their uniqueness.

Horizon: end of the 21st century. I can’t hope to still be there when that time comes and to be able to check what happened. My interest is however broader than the span of my own life. I think one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century will be the energetic transition and that by 2099, it will basically be something of the past. I’d like to cover the whole period and not forget about the end of the process.

Finally, here are the main questions I will ask myself in building an idea of what the energetic transition could look like in the 21st century’s world:
– What are we talking about? I will come back on not-so-basic notions that are useful enough to take time and make sure we’re all clear on their meaning before we start.
– What is at stake when we talk about the energetic transition?
– What goals are we trying to meet?
– What does humanity have to do in order to “survive”?
– What do I think will really happen?

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One Response to What’s that energetic transition ahead of us?

  1. Excellent, I’ll be expecting the articles.

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